Story: How I booked a gigolo / callboy

A client wrote on our feedback form and shared her feedback for our blog:

The idea of booking a male callboy / escort for several years already matured in me …

During this time I researched the Internet again and again and looked at the various providers, agencies and advertising platforms. Roughly I would distinguish three models. First the agency. There you get in contact with a person who then mediates the contract with the escort and also profits from each booking in percentage terms. The information is often not comprehensive enough for my feelings, the photos often do not allow a first assessment. In some agencies, the escorts are shown without a head, only the well-trained six-pack can be seen. You would first have to fill out a contact form, send it with an e-mail address or mobile number to be able to look the potential callboy in the eye. For me, such an approach is completely excluded for a variety of reasons, including being married.

Then there are platforms where, roughly speaking, everyone has access and almost everything is romping, from those who do it for nothing but fun for the enjoyment to those dubious offers you would rather not have contact with. I have also excluded that for myself, because I would like to fall back on a good level of seriousness and selection in my life situation.

Therefore, I would like to thank the operator and say:

Thank you!

Noah Thanks!