the most frequent questions about Callboys & Male Escorts

QUESTION 1: What type of woman is booking a callboy?

This question can not be answered clearly. It is clear, however, that it is well-groomed to very well-groomed women / ladies due to the reward. However, the age spectrum is completely different. Place yourself in a well-visited shopping street and I tell you, it could be any lady who meets you and looks into your eyes.

QUESTION 2: How often is a callboy booked?

There are also very vague ideas about how often a callboy is requested or actually booked. I want to be honest and make no false promises just to make you decide to advertise on my site. However, it is clear that only very few men have real chances of making a booking, which is what I already communicate to each applicant during his job interview. There are other platforms that pretend to be an illusory world here. I stand for honesty and transparency and do not fool anyone. Depending on the type of man, he gets between 0-10 requests a month, although it must be noted that many women only seek confirmation and therefore often just want to chat. Of course, an actual booking does not come with every request. A reputable number that can be mentioned here is a maximum of 0-3 bookings per month. Some men are also disappointed, because there are no bookings. But here it is like in any business: Who can advertise well, also has better chances. And a little bit of luck is always part of life anyway.

QUESTION 3: Can one also do this full-time?

From a full-time job I would personally advise after many years of experience as a hetero-callboy any gigolo. However, if you’ve built a customer base, you can generate extra income. Surely this is a side job, which is more fun than giving shelves in the supermarket or washing corpses 🙂 Ideally, you will also get to know very exciting people.

Unfortunately, I can not judge the behavior of the gay callboys, as I could not gather any experience on my side with these men. However, there is also a separate column on this topic since March 2019.

QUESTION 4: Can it make you rich?

See question 3: NO

These answers correspond to my very personal experiences, which does not mean, however, that it would be the same with every callboy. Do you have further questions or would you like to discuss the questions already asked with us? Then we look forward to your contribution!

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