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We offer direct contact to callboys & gigolos – “different” then Escort Agencies.

About this platform:

On this platform you will find a wide variety of diverse male Escorts/Callboys and Gigolos.  At first you can contact your favourised gentleman through the given contacts without any obligations on your side. Due to the fact that every Callboy works at his own account no costs will be charged at all. For further details and procedure we ask you to clarify this with the respective gentleman. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Male Escort


This is an advertising platform on which Gigolos / Callboy and Escort men can advertise themselves. We are not an agency. On Callboy-Verzeichnis every woman or also man can contact her or his favourised Gigolo / male escort or Callboy directly and without any prior notice over the contact information stated in his profile.


Be a Callboy

We differentiate ourselves from offers where you simply upload a few selfies quickly, pay a small fee and you’re already a callboy and is let loose on the ladies. Interested parties must convince us from the beginning, it depends not only on good looks but also on the character. Do you enjoy dealing with people especially with women? Polliteness, kindness and good manners sound familiar to you? Then being a Callboy might be a good opportunity for an additional income for you.