At you work independently and completely on your own responsibility.

You are not employed by us but are self-employed.

Once you're paid for your service, you're taxable.

You are responsible for compliance.



1. Working in Germany


2. Working in other countries
(for example Austria, Switzerland)


3. Applies to all callboys who use WhatsApp



The prostitution
protection Act

is since 2017

obligatory for every callboy in Germany

Since 1 July 2017, the Prostitution Protection Act 2017 (ProstSchG) applies in Germany, among which the call-boys registered in Germany also fall.

We see this law as a protection law and would like to share some information with you.

The information published here should give you an insight into the law.

In principle, we recommend appointing you appointments for your registration under the new Prostitution Act by email and having them confirmed by the authorities. You can find here more Informations:

 >>LINK to: Professional Association Sex Work<<




For Callboys living / working in Austria and Switzerland

We recommend that you contact the local authorities in writing via email in order to bring to your attention any possible national or Swiss-specific prostitution regulations in Swiss or Austria.

It is also advisable to clarify tax issues in writing by tax consultants and / or tax authorities.


The use of WhatsApp is not recommended as this messenger is heavily criticized for violating the EU Data Protection Regulation.

We say YES to privacy and to a safer communication!

The SIGNAL APP is featured in some reputed reports as a safer communication app instead of WhatsApp (WhatsApp is in the criticism of hoarding data and thus violating the EU Data Protection Regulation)

Unfortunately, the Signal App is still not as widely used or accepted as Whatsapp, so we encourage you to get to know the Signal App.

The Signal App is currently considered one of the safest communication apps on the market worldwide, and was recommended by celebrities such as E.Snowden (whose revelations provided insights into the scale of global surveillance and spying practices).

The installation and use of the app is free and similar in operation to Whatsapp:

Link to Signal App: (free for all phones)

This app can of course also serve as a preventive measure against jealous husbands.