General Terms and Conditions

With the use of the services of (Hereafter referred to as operator) you accept the general terms and conditions stated herein. The services offered from is exclusively addressed to people who are considered legally as full age. The General Terms and Conditions can be modified or adjusted at any time without stating the reason therefore. 

Conditions for contact seeking people

Contacting seeking people are considered as people, who intend to find a Callboy on and do not have a direct official agreement with the operator. 

I.1  The operator provides a platform in the World Wide Web over which contact seeking people can contact a Callboy. Everything beyond the first contact is obliged to exclusively the contact seeking person and the advertiser.

I.2 Liability of the Operator

The operator does not take over any responsibility for the correctness of the content in the profiles of the advertisers. Also no liability for possible abuse of information will be taken over for. The operator is trying to safeguard himself in the best possible way by having a conversation with the potential advertiser and by doing an identity check. For economic, physical or intangible damage any liability will be denied which results from the usage of the services and the first contact from this platform. 

I.3 Occurance of Contract

Between the operator and the contact seeking person there will be no contractual relationship through the utilization of the services provided on the platform. A contractual relationship can only exist with the respective advertiser (Callboy).

I.4 Utilization free of charge

The utilization of the services on by the visitors of the website is free of charge.

II Conditions for advertisers

Advertisers are Callboys who advertise their services through a profile on

II.2 Availability of Services

The operator tries to ensure that a proper, well organized procedure of the services is being done. However, an uninterrupted accessibility is not guaranteed. Also the operator is not liable to any technical transmission delays that may occur. 

For example it could be that technical disturbances may arise or necessary maintenance work needs to be done. These could lead to an interruption of the services. 

The operator is not liable to unauthorized knowledge acquisition through a third person. (For instance through an unauthorized access to the data base through third persons). The operator can also not be liable to any data which has been passed on from the user to a third person and made accessible hereby.

II.2 Transfer of Rights

The operator has the right to optimize the texts and photos for the portal which were passed on to him. 

With the passing on of texts and photos from the advertiser to the operator the advertiser transfers the rights of the publication of the material on and other platforms which are owned by him to the operator. 

This right of usage is at any time revocable and ends automatically with the end of the contractual relationship between advertiser and operator. However, an appropriate time period shall be given to the operator for the removal of the date. 

3 Exclusion of liability

For economic, physical or intangible damage any liability will be declined, which result from the usage of the services of any contacts made. Also all liability for any damage will be declined which result from infringement through the data which has been passed on by the advertiser (especially texts and pictures). 

II 4  Enlistment of a third person

The operator has the right to enlist any third person with the rendering of a part or of the complete range of services of the portal. 

Severability clause

Should the general terms and conditions be invalid or be turned invalid, or if they are incomplete, then the other parts of the general terms and conditions will not be affected by this. 

IV Place of Jurisdiction

Place of Jurisdiction is Munich, Germany.