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EU calls for a unified approach to prostitution.

Press Release

Berlin, September 19, 2023 – In the discussion about sex work and the rights of individuals working in the industry, diverse perspectives and experiences must be taken into account. The current EU recommendations are characterized by a one-sided focus on specific problem areas and are thus predominantly counterproductive.

Noah Danke, operator of; Kevin Fromm, callboy and operator of  – the most established platforms for callboys in the German-speaking region – advocate for an open and respectful debate based on individual responsibility and self-determination.

„Mr. Danke writes, ‚Sex work is a multifaceted issue, and it’s important to recognize that not all experiences in this industry are the same. Some of our clients who hire callboys have experienced sexualized violence, but not from ‚clients,‘ but from their partners or close family members during childhood. These women want to be able to experience intimacy in a safe environment. The diversity of experiences requires a nuanced perspective.‘

Mr. Fromm states, ‚We believe that sex work, when conducted between consenting, self-determined adults for compensation and on equal terms, without degradation, is entirely legitimate. It is crucial to respect the rights and dignity of individuals in sex work and ensure that they are not stigmatized or criminalized.'“

„Recommendations have been made, but they are not conducive to improving the living and working conditions of sex workers, nor do they make it safer for them. These recommendations, initiated by a single representative, ultimately aim to significantly curtail the rights and safety of sex workers. This cannot be in line with a humane and self-determined approach to sex work.“

Noah Danke and explicitly emphasize that for more in-depth research, the Professional Association for Sex Work (Berufsverband Sexarbeit) is an important resource (

They also recommend engaging with the stories and experiences of individuals in the sex work industry. Interviews on their website at provide realistic insights into the practical aspects of sex work. This is intended to help dispel prejudices and gain a better understanding of the realities of the industry.

An open discussion about sex work and self-determination is of great importance as it can contribute to finding solutions that respect the needs and rights of all parties involved.

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