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Anonymous and safer communication for smart people!

Miss A. wrote: Hello dear Callboy Support, How can I make sure that I can communicate technically anonymously with a Callboy or male escort?

This is a very important question, because emails to callboys are highly private and sensitive data. The requestors are therefore often dependent on extreme discretion!

After all, it is not difficult for an educated person to communicate safely if you observe the following rules:

What do I have to consider if I want to send anonymous emails to a Callboy? Create a completely new email address explicitly for contacting your callboy!

Create an anonymous email account ? ? How can I do that? ? What can I do ?

For more anonymity in email traffic we currently recommend “protonmail.com“. You can register there for free WITHOUT depositing your personal information – much more discrete than any other email providers

Further information at: Protonmail.com If you prefer to use an app, there is Protonmail as well as App for iPhone phones or as an app for Android phones

What should I consider if I like to make anonymous calls? If you also want to maintain absolute anonymity and discretion when making a phone call, you MUST suppress your mobile number. How to suppress your phone number you can also find out on YouTube.com or through one of the many search engines

For emails: protonmail.com With telephone calls applies: you call your boy and suppress your call number location: do not meet at your home

Messenger like WhatsApp are widely used, but it’s not recommended. Your mobile number will be known to the callboy if you contact him via messenger. Therefore, messengers are never 100% anonymous

If you still do not want to give up a messenger, we recommend the Signal App or Telegram App. Similar to WhatsApp & a little bit safer!